Rhian Jones is an Interior Designer and Home Colour Consultant in Gloucestershire

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Colour Loving

Our Clients needed our help to create a warm and colourful Flat design in Cheltenham.

They live in the Apartment at the bottom of a Regency Townhouse, which hosts their B&B business. With limited natural light and space, a brief to create a warm, cosy and uplifting design was much in need.


The proposal was highly professional and took due account of the technical aspects of these issues, especially with regard to light, which is an issue in our property.

The apartment was a magnolia painted entity, with a collection of belongings yet to be carefully placed. We knew that a step by step approach, would help our Clients to achieve clarity and creativity within the design of their home.

We began the process with a thorough review of the belongings the Client had yet to display and what they loved. This gave us a good understanding of their interests and passions. These were going to be key to the level of personal reflection within the flat design.

We then proceeded to improve the use of space throughout the apartment. This involved full measurement of the space to complete a full floor plan. This was necessary to illustrate both the built-in and more flexible opportunities for fittings and furniture.

This particular step brought so much pleasure amidst the practicality. Our Clients could clearly see the potential their home had to offer and a beautifully organised space was in reach!    


The proposal also demonstrated a sympathetic level of creativity; it reflected who we are and want to be rather than who the designer is, which was a concern we had at the beginning of the process.

Our Clients absolutely love colour, so we could be slightly bolder and braver in the approach to the scheme. However the tones, combination and placement were adjusted to provide softness, warmth and calm amidst each positive palette.

Following the installation of all the new storage areas, we sourced the final layers in lighting, pattern and texture, to complete this warm and colourful Flat design in Cheltenham.

Last year, our Clients invited us to their home, along with some of their friends from the Cheltenham NWR. Find out what surprised them in the design here.

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Approx. £50,000


Summer 2019