My Inspiration

“I like to think that we are a part of nature, rather than something greater than it. I look to the season for natural and original inspiration. There are patterns in nature which you can draw parallels from, to use within our lives today.”

Taking a few moments in nature, can help to relax and find perspective in life. A walk in the green can help to clear the mind, find calm, feel more energised yet at peace.

It was in the fields of Warwickshire, where I took walks for that reason and found that no two walks were the same; the same path maybe followed, but there were different thoughts and observations. Over time, and with a notebook, those walks became a source of inspiration in addition to a form of release. 

Wandering turned into wondering, and I started to take more notice of the visual changes in the seasonal patterns and began to observe the lessons nature might be there to teach.

There’s a time to renew.

There’s a time to grow.

There’s a time to strive.

And there’s a time to reflect.

Nature’s patterns and colours show us that connection remains throughout change, for life to evolve. With my camera, I pay close attention to the stages, arrangements and continuity in nature and record the overall feeling it inspires within me.

This translates into my artwork through the choice and collation of colour, shape, pattern and texture; creating the desired level of harmony within the home and lifestyle of my customers. 

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