Rhian Jones is an Interior Designer and Home Colour Consultant in Gloucestershire

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Rustic Touch

Our Clients needed our help with their modern rustic home renovation in Warwick. 

We first met our Clients in 2019, when the early thoughts of home renovation were in mind. However, with a lack of ideas and subsequent starting point, it was clear that a fresh pair of eyes and expertise was much in need.

Our Clients wanted the entry floor to better facilitate their lifestyle and if possible, future periodic visits from family. Open to refurbishment and with a bit of flexibility on budget, we proceeded to discuss and research the most appropriate space plan to meet their brief.


Rhian connected the dots and provided a clear plan which more than met our needs. It surpassed our expectations. She brought out the maximum benefit from what we wanted and what the property could offer.

Mindful of the need for flexibility, we knew that there was an opportunity for so many improvements to the whole floor.

They included a more practical and efficient kitchen, with extendable dining and living capability. The opportunity for a home office space come snug, which in turn could become a temporary 5th bedroom when needed.

We also added in a small En Suite and a separate Bootroom, which to enable a clear hallway and provide necessary facilities for both rest and social space.


Beyond function and practicality though, the whole floor was re-orientated to potentialise the most beautiful view at the rear of the property. On our first visit, this really caught us by surprise. Despite being in the heart of the busy town, this natural, evolving view was being overlooked.

We felt this needed to be part of the dream and are Clients were so excited by this. The added value here drove the space planning to create a more holistic design. This included our Clients preference for a modern, slightly rustic feel.


We took a step by step approach to the renovation with our Clients, supporting them through the layers of development. This involved comprehensive research, planning, sampling and illustration, alongside sourcing and collaborating with the team for installation.

The final furnishing of this modern rustic home renovation in Warwick is due to complete this year. We can’t wait to photograph!

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Approx. £100,000


Due Autumn 2022