Rhian Jones is an Interior Designer and Home Colour Consultant in Gloucestershire

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Colourful Calm

Our Client needed our help to create a calm and colourful Victorian Semi design in Coventry. With a genuine love for colourful art and the calming feeling of nature, we got to work quickly on the first phase of this home design.

We first met our Client, as the space between the kitchen, dining room and living room was being opened out. Our Client wanted this living space to better facilitate visits from family. Unafraid of modern flair, there was also a desire for both flow and feature throughout the Interior.


The finished result was very impressive. I found the colours and materials chosen were first class and I am very pleased. If I was to sum up the experience; simple, clear, concise and enjoyable.

We knew that we needed to review the potential for space within the property first. As is typical in a Victorian property, height is often more plentiful than width and the usual space challenges applied.

As we measured and prepared each floor plan, for all of the rooms, we have identified improved storage opportunities for our Client. Prior to each furnishing proposal, we have also suggested improvements to sources of lighting and heating throughout the home.

Clever use of design technique, that plays with proportion and perspective throughout the design, have been most valued. Be it taller storage, colour zoning or improved window dressing, our Client is very pleased with the ideas proposed and progress thus far.

The progress of this calm and colourful Victorian Semi design in Coventry is halfway to completion. We can’t wait to see it later this year!

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Approx. £30,000


Due Summer 2022