Rhian Jones is an Interior Designer and Home Colour Consultant in Gloucestershire

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Feeling Right At Home in Cheltenham

It’s always lovely to be able to visit a Client who you know is feeling right at home. I’ve had the pleasure a few times, with my very first home interior design Clients in Cheltenham. 


For those of you new to the story, I began to help my Clients with the design of their home a few years ago now. It was my first large commission and the opportunity followed some rather timely Interior Design training in the town, to further my professional skills. 


Having previously relocated to Cheltenham from London, my Clients live in an Apartment at the bottom of a Georgian Townhouse, the rest of which they own and serves their B&B Business. They really needed help with the Interior Design of four main areas within their Apartment; the Master Bedroom, Guest Bedroom, Lounge and Hallway.


With lifeless magnolia walls, a lack of storage and limited natural light within the property; the Design brief needed to create a lighter, brighter and more positive feel throughout the space. As with most projects, I had to take into account some existing features, furniture and of course, their lifestyle and personality.  


Beyond the integrity of the design scheme, what I love, is that very warm welcome every time you walk through the door. It’s a true sign of success I feel, when you can see a Client who remains in love with their home. They’re still actively talking about how the design has improved their daily life, with their friends and family today.


Feeling Right at Home With Friends

Last week, I was invited to share my approach to the design of their home, with my Clients’ friends at the Cheltenham NWR; a group of lovely, supportive women who like to get inspired and learn something new. 


The event was hosted by my Clients’ at their home in Cheltenham. After a helpful talk on the Interior Design process and the relationship I build with each Client, this open house certainly opened their minds to the creative possibilities! 


The colour is so bold, yet so unbelievably cosy.

I’d never even dream of doing that, but it feels so beautiful.


As with every home interior I design, the approach and the result is so personal. No two tastes or homes are the same. It’s always important that I stay focused on the happiness of my Clients and what will bring them more peace, love and joy in their home. It just so happened that in this case, that joy has since been embraced by each and every visitor too.  


It is such a tremendous difference, I remember how it was before and I can see why they are so happy.    


A happier return home

As I write on this Bank Holiday Weekend, I think of those looking forward to getting away from it all. It’s a time where that extra day off can inspire a September opportunity, before the Autumn pattern truly begins and the Winter nights draw in.


It’s well known that a break away at any time of the year, can work wonders for the soul. However for more and more of us, our return home is just as important. 


The time apart can help us to appreciate our home again. Sometimes though it can help us to re-evaluate it, giving us a clearer view of the changes we need to move forward with, in order to feel happier.


I’ll never forget the happiness that was shared with me, following my Clients first break away after their renovation those years ago. For the first time in a long time, the momentum of their holiday could noticeably continue. It wasn’t hindered by a to do list of decisions they must make or actions they must take as they arrived home.


For the first time in a long time, they could simply feel right at their home and relax. It’s a testimony perhaps to the importance of the investment in ourselves and the design of our homes. They can both make such a positive difference to our overall wellbeing. Take a look at our gallery to find out more this very colourful apartment.      


Feeling Right At Our New Home!

Welcome to our brand new website, which is our new home! Gradually more information, photos and stories will be shared with you from here.


2021 has been an incredibly busy and successful year so far. I can’t wait to share more of what we’ve been working on with you. A few highlights include:


More details will follow via our Newsletter, Seasonal Sunday.

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Rhian Jones is a professional, award winning Interior Designer and qualified Home Colour Consultant, originally from Warwickshire.