Rhian Jones is an Interior Designer and Home Colour Consultant in Gloucestershire

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Minimalism: A Winter View

I’ve often wondered if our seasons have originally inspired some of the interior styles that we know and love today. The Winter Season and the origins behind Minimalism and Minimalist Interiors are no exception. 

It’s at this time of year, that my attention is drawn to the clearer, calming influence of the seas and skies. Living further inland, causes me to notice the latter more within our shorter day; particularly the colours, patterns and sounds within. It’s moments like this, where less really can mean more.

Come snow or sunshine, as the ground is beginning to renew, I can hear the birds chattering from high up in the trees. I’m wondering what the view of life is like from up there.  

Space for Minimalism

By comparison, I have no doubt that the view at this moment is much more man-made and borderline chaotic. In realtime and for many of us, our opportunity to rest post Christmas can be like the calm after the storm. Only then does it feel like Winter really begins. 

Amidst the stillness, the Winter season can remind us to step back
within our homes and evaluate the view.

Just like the trees that have let go of their leaves and as nature is working wonders within its means, a touch of decluttering can identify what we really need to hold onto and what we appreciate the most, within our own environment. Organisation doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul and it can become a more mindful practice, as Marie Kondo explains.

Creating emotional and physical space, is the first step towards a minimalist design. The Wintertime could inspire a starting point for our priorities; what do we need to keep us going and what do we really want to make space for, to flourish? 

Comfort in Minimalist Design

A minimalist interior is very carefully considered. Proportions, lighting, materials and textures all play their part towards the overall look and feel of the space. 

In the absence of plenty within this interior style, it’s still important to have our home comforts covered, so that we can feel happy inside. Just like the nests that the birds create to nurture new life, we all need a form of foundation within our home to support us in times ahead.   

Minimalist interiors can sometimes be mistaken for more style than substance. Architects such as John Pawson however, demonstrate the importance of natural materials within a minimalist design. They help to achieve a balance of both wonder and warmth within the modern home; essential to the comfort within a truly authentic space.  

Reach new heights with Minimalism

By definition, minimalism is described as:

A movement in sculpture and painting which arose in the 1950s, characterised by the use of simple, massive forms.

The Oxford Dictionary

Minimalism is not without interest or statement. In more authoritative minimalist interior design, such as those created by Kelly Hoppen, a bold measure or two can elevate the whole experience within the room. 

Once our comforts are covered, we can proceed to reach new heights in our home environment with much more confidence, not to mention fulfilment. Historically within both Minimalist Art and Interiors, this can be translated into architectural or sculptural messages, in the absence of stimulating pattern or colour.

A Winter View

It’s not uncommon for these design messages to be inspired by forms of nature, that hold their own and brave such elements within the winter season. In the preparation for a more minimalist scheme, I often think of the softer, organic forms found within the seas and skies; from still waters to waves, cloud patterns to cliff edges and from pebbles to shells. They can inspire a form of neutrality to a design scheme; which can be added in to balance our use of colour when a calmer approach is required.

But for now, back to the nest that I can see in the tree, positioned perfectly within the blue sky. It’s clearly warm and cosy up there, where the winter blues aren’t getting in the way of progress. Inspiration for my next post I think….


Rhian Jones is a professional, award winning Interior Designer and qualified Home Colour Consultant, originally from Warwickshire.