Rhian Jones is an Interior Designer and Home Colour Consultant in Gloucestershire

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Vardo Va Va Voom

Our Clients wanted our help to create a warm Living Room design in Warwickshire.

The Living Room faces to the west within a Manor House, full of historic charm and surrounded by nature. A design brief to bring more warmth to the room was an absolute must and our Clients wanted to use the space more for a variety of family activity.

Despite the occasional fire, the room often felt cold and far from cosy. Over time, it had become overlooked compared to other areas of the house.

The room is now warm and inviting on a cold winter’s evening, as much as on a balmy warm Summer’s evening. The colour scheme has made all the difference.

Formerly magnolia and feeling quite cluttered, the room lacked any form of positive energy. We knew there was room for a bold move. There was a lot of potential in the rooms’ structure and the quality of the belongings our Clients already owned.

We began to advise our Clients on a few aspects of decluttering and repositioning. Then we prepared a colour scheme, to include and compliment all of the existing belongings.


The brave teal, orange and red combination encourages both warmth and stimulation, to support the combination of engagement and relaxation within the room. Vardo by Farrow and Ball is the main wall colour. It works beautifully with both the warmer wooden furniture and the whiter woodwork, high and low on each wall.

The overall colour palette is one that our Client would not have reached herself and remains thrilled with. To complete this warm living room design in Warwickshire, we also sourced soft furnishings and lighting with a more contemporary finish. The decor has since brought everyone back into the room and enjoy it more.


We also helped our Clients with the interior design of their Cloakroom and their new Holiday Home on their grounds. To find out more, about how we can design an interior for you to feel right at home, click here.




Approx. £5,000


Autumn 2020