Rhian Jones is an Interior Designer and Home Colour Consultant in Gloucestershire

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Colour Consultancy


Choosing paint colours for your walls at home is a fantastic opportunity for a fresh start and more of your personality to thrive. Reaching a decision alone however can be the challenge, where often your starting point or confidence level is put to the test.

As a trained interior colour consultant with extensive knowledge in the use and power of colour, Rhian shares her passion and insight with you and tailors a colour proposal designed for you and your home. Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, our interior colour consultancy is an impartial and enjoyable service experience. It provides you with your bespoke colour palette per room and the confidence to make those simple changes; to help you feel right at home.

£175 (per hour* details below)

Before The Consultation
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Once you've booked your interior colour consultation, you'll receive a short questionnaire designed to help make the most of our forthcoming time together. At your convenience, an informal conversation by telephone or email will be made with you to summarise any preparation before we meet.

During The Consultation
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During your one-hour session with our colour consultant, we'll look at the natural light, any features and architecture of each space as we choose the best colour palette for your home. We'll look at each room together and work with your favourite pieces of artwork or furniture. We'll then create your unique colour plan for each room, up to and including three rooms (of average complexity*).

After The Consultation
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After your interior colour consultation, we'll send you your full specification of paint brand and finish. Let the decorating begin!

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Rhian Jones is a Certified Home Colour Consultant, serving clients throughout the Gloucestershire area. The certificate was awarded by My Interior Design School in Cheltenham, accredited by the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID). Rhian’s' passion and expertise in colour theory, historical colour, colour trends and psychology is shared within every home colour consultancy discussion.

I have lived in my new build house for 5 years. All the rooms were painted magnolia. At first it was lovely but as the years went by I found I hated magnolia. I desperately wanted to add some colour to my home but I didn’t know where to start. Then I found Rhian..... Rhian has helped me transform my home and my boring magnolia walls are firmly in the past. Rhian’s advice gave me the confidence to not only add colour to my home but add the right colours in the right places that worked with all my existing belongings (which I learned mostly just needed to be rearranged). By providing some much needed definition and a few soft touches, my home has come together beautifully. I am so very pleased with all the help, advice and suggestions that Rhian provided.

Mrs J Rugby

Rhian, I need more help...

No problem! Our Bespoke Interior Design Service is tailored exactly to your requirements.

Together we create a step-by-step plan, to design an interior for you to feel right at home.