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How to choose the right paint colour

how to find the right paint colour tester pots and paintbrushes

It’s funny what you can observe sometimes on a weekend trip to a paint shop. Decoration it seems, can stimulate challenge for some of us and yet confuse and bore so many of us too. As an Interior Designer making a few trips for my own home, I can’t help but notice everyone around me; pondering, debating and sometimes stressing about the right paint colour for them.

There’s a familiar scene I find, of someone standing in front of an endless array of tins. In one hand, there’s a colour palette and in the basket there’s at least a handful different colour tester pots for the paint colour in that one room. That one room that has caused so much confusion and still, the right colour for the walls is yet to be found.

On this occasion looking on, I fear this might be attempt number two, when the partner gives up and says….’I’ll wait in the car’.

It can be really difficult to choose the right paint colour. The overwhelm can feel a bit driving on a Ring Road; miss the right sign and you end up going around in a circle.  

What I find most sad about choosing the right paint colour, is that the experience should be enjoyable for everyone and yet most of the time, it creates frustration or exhaustion. Paint is an incredibly creative vehicle and it has the ability to transform the look and feeling of a room in so many beautiful ways.

Furthermore, it is an affordable way to create the simplest and most effective change. Sure, there are more luxurious brands than others. But the ability to make a difference, regardless of the expression, is absolutely accessible to everyone.

In this months’ blog post, let’s take a look at a few tips to try to help you choose the right paint colour and get closer to feeling right at home.






Take the pressure off

When the decorating begins you want to know that delight is in sight.

So the Decorator calls and says ‘I can fit you in next week’. Excellent!

But wait! What about the paint? ‘Let me know which colour you want’.

Trust me when I say, that the possibilities for your paint colour are endless. And when time is of the essence, the last place you want to be, is in a paint shop without any form of plan and this undue pressure to decide on top.

Creating your own colour scheme is one of the most enjoyable parts to home decoration. Many people forget this amidst the panic in a paint shop. Under pressure, some people rush their choices. Some people ask the Decorator to choose the colour. As a result of either route, there can be such a risk of disappointment, not to mention cost.

I know how overwhelming the experience can be at the best of times. The amount of choice can present confusion and cause concern in every opportunity.

It’s at this time that I suggest a short, sharp focus on the colours that you like. Knowing these, can help you to move forward on the right path. And remember, never feel rushed; it’s a prosperous time for both you and your Decorators diary, hang onto that.

Prioritise Pleasure

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A shade of blue for example, can feel cooler to some and warmer to others.

‘If in doubt, always choose what you love’.

I say this to my Clients all the time.

When a room is used by many, it can be hard to stay focused on what’s important to you and put yourself first a little more. The mere mention of decoration and everyone’s opinion often shows up! Even the dog chips in with a bark at the colour patches on the wall and whilst they know you well, on occasion, this feedback can cast doubt on your path to pleasure.

It can be so easy to fall into the role of pleasing others, when in reality balance is key. Your needs are just as important and for social spaces in particular, try to use this time to ask both why and why not in your colour discussion with family and friends. This objectivity will help you to turn some of the colour doubts into discovery.

Remember that there’s no such thing as using the wrong colour; it’s often about a more appropriate tone, combination, placement or volume. The journey there however is a subjective one in addition to the perspective of the space.

Soon enough, those perceptions and limitations will shine their light and you’ll soon know which ones to listen to and let go of.


Natural scenery is a great starting point for colour inspiration.

Take this moment to ask yourself, when was the last time you tried something new? When you stepped outside your comfort zone and entertained the possibility of change. Perhaps it was through the simple means of cooking, eating, a new activity or event. How did it work out?

Most of the time, these new experiences bring us so much joy and the key behind them all was probably the present moment. One where we didn’t think about things too much! Sometimes we can overthink the prospect of change and we can get into a bit of tizz, which can take the pleasure away from what’s possible for us.

So how do we get the balance right? How do we move forward with less fear and more freedom?

The answer?


Play is a really important form of human behaviour. It can help us to discover new thoughts, ideas and feelings. More importantly though, it’s fun! In the context of home decoration, a bit of research to find examples of our preferences, can help us to visualise our possibilities and begin to embrace them!

So whether your mind is wandering as you browse a beautiful display, your reminiscing amidst holiday photos, collecting cuttings from a collection of magazines, or using a tool such as Pinterest… go for it! An amazing discovery to bring more joy into your home, could be just around the corner for you.

Get Perspective

painted walls in blue changing in shade due to lighting
Both natural and artificial lighting can affect the appearance of your chosen colour.

When you have an idea of the main colour that you’re beginning to favour, it’s good to begin to think about where it will go. Perspective, proportion and placement begin to gain importance in the planning of your paintwork.

Our true instinct can help to guide us on how much of the colour we would really like to see.

Is it a colour that you see longevity in?

Is it a colour that’s lifting your spirits?

Is it a colour that simply dazzles (…darling)?

Think about the purpose of your space alongside your intentions for it and this will help your priorities to naturally fall into place.

Seek Professional Support

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Testing your chosen colour should be an exciting and enjoyable experience

Too much to do?

Struggling on your own?

Need a bit of help with a really tricky room?

I understand! As is often the case with so many parts to Interiors, the true delight lies within the detail and sometimes we really need that guiding hand.

Beyond these tips, which are designed help with some early direction and a bit of passion back into the process, there can be a lot to consider. Variables such as the aspect, lighting, not forgetting the existing layers to your space, all contribute to the context of the room and the opportunity for its potential.

A few of the UK paint brands do offer a Colour Consultancy Service, to help you select from their own range. If you’re looking for an impartial Colour Consultancy Service however, that puts you and your colour palette first, you’re in the right place.

I’m Rhian and I’m a Certified Home Colour Consultant, trained in colour theory, psychology and application. As an Interior Designer too, I’m here to help you introduce more clarity, creativity, confidence and comfort into your home interior. Choosing the right paint colour, is great way to start!

Book your call with me today and let’s begin to find the right paint colours for you to feel right at home.


Rhian Jones is a professional, award winning Interior Designer and qualified Home Colour Consultant, originally from Warwickshire.


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